My Care Guide is here!!

Hello Two Feet!

I am sooo excited and I couldn’t wait to let you know that my Care Guide is now available! I wrote it all myself you know, and it features some of my friends from all around the world, too! Image

It’s called ‘Taking Care of Your V.I.P’. It’s a guide for all the younger guinea pig owners out there, who want to learn the best ways to keep their VIP (that’s Very Important Pig) happy and healthy, (without all the technical information that’s really for grown-ups). Although I think the big kids out there are going to enjoy it too!

You can find out the important stuff about guinea pigs, our houses, food, friends and fun things we like to do. Plus there’s a section to write down all the important things about your VIP and some fun pictures to colour in, too. You’ll find my book here (at my Two Feet’s estore) –

And here at –

Or here at (for my friends overseas) –

Of course my book’s also available through ‘This Little Piggy Market Place’ –, too. Why not drop by, and don’t forget to have a go at the ‘spot the difference’ competition to win ‘Periwinkle and the Poisonous Plant’ while you’re there! You can also check out the Cavy Cafe, a new forum for all things guinea pig!!

Hope you all enjoy the book,

Wheeps and Squeaks from

Parsley Pig x



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