Piggy the Cat’s Story…..

Hey Two Feet, I wanted to share this link with you from a couple of friends of mine, Melvin the Mouse and Piggy the Cat….

What do a cat and mouse have in common? One little kitten is about 
to find out.

“We don’t always have to fight or prove ourselves to be big and strong. 
Sometimes it’s the smallest of creatures who can teach us life’s greatest 

The grey-striped tabby cuddles her tiny kitten close. “Peanut,” she says. 
“What if I tell you the most wonderful tale tonight? A bedtime story I 
think you might enjoy. This is a true story, one of an unlikely 
friendship, great bravery, heroes and villains.”

This is Piggy’s story…http://www.tuxedoebooks.com/store/p9/Piggy.html


I hope you check it out

Wheeps and squeaks from Parsley Pig xx


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