Briony Isaacs is the author and illustrator of The Adventures of Parsley Pig and Friends series. She is 35 years old, was born and raised in the North East of England and currently lives on Rhodes, Greece.

She works part-time at ‘Hot Dogs and Cool Cats’, a dog groomers, and part-time as an English Teacher.

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She has been keeping guinea pigs since she was a young teenager and began rescuing them as soon as she had her own house!

In addition to her 35 guinea pigs, Briony and her partner also own four rescue dogs, 






10 rescued rabbits and several chickens, some of them ex-battery hens.

The welfare of guinea pigs around the world is an issue very close to Briony’s heart.  Guinealynx is a website that offers valuable information and advice on the proper care of guinea pigs including housing and medical issues.  Find it at –


The Cambridge Cavy Trust, part of The British Association of Rodentologists is a recognised association dedicated to the promotion of healthcare for rodents, including guinea pigs. Visit the website at the link below to find out more about the services provided, which includes a guinea pig hospital, at –



Briony is also a promoter of adoption of animals from shelters. Please consider adopting before you buy from a pet store. Below are some links to reputable shelters that often have guinea pigs waiting for a two feet to take them home!  Check out the ‘Adopt a Pig’ page for a list of Rescue Centers.

You can contact Briony Isaacs using the contact form below: