The Adventures of Parsley Pig and Friends This page gives a brief description of each of the books available. There are currently six books in the series available. They are all now available from Amazon in both paperback and Kindle form. The direct links to each book on and is shown below each book description. Taking Care of Your V.I.P. A BRAND NEW care guide, written by Parsley Pig is now available in paperback. The direct links to where to purchase this book are shown below the book description. The profits from the sales of all these books go towards enabling the rescue and care, including veterinary treatment, of guinea pigs. Ten percent of profits made from book sales will be donated to reputable guinea pig rescue centers and organisations worldwide. They are also available now, along with other FAB guinea pig related products, at –


By purchasing any of the books from these sites you will also be contributing to the rescue centers and organisations associated with them! New releases will appear here as they are published –

Parsley Pig’s Colouring and Activity Book is NOW AVAILABLE!!

Parsley Pig’s Coluring and Activity Book

Parsley Pig's Colouring and Activity Book


48 pages of guinea pig pictures to colour, mazes, spot the difference pictures, number and spelling puzzles and more are packed into this activity book. Enough to keep young children entertained for hours!!

Get your copy from Amazon –

AND it’s coming real soon to where profits from book sales go to Piggles Guinea Pig Rescue!!

Written by Parsley Pig (with just a little help from some Two Feet) ‘Taking Care of Your Very Important Pig’, a care guide for younger guinea pig owners, is NOW AVAILABLE!!

Taking Care of Your V.I.P.

Care Guide Cover

This is a care guide written by Parsley aimed at the younger guinea pig owners out there. It’s a non-technical guide to guinea pig care covering all aspects from information about piggies, housing, feeding,to keeping your V.I.P. healthy and happy. It is designed to inform youngsters about what they can do for their V.I.P. and when they need to ask a grown-up to help them. It also contains some important advice for the ‘grown-up’, a record sheet for recording important information about your piggy and some fun pictures to colour-in, too! Get your own copy of this guide from


front cover book1 small

Parsley Pig Finds a Home 

Parsley Pig Finds a Home is the first book in the series. In this book we meet Parsley Pig as a baby. She already knows she is very different from her parents and siblings, a fact that troubles her deeply. Still, she must leave her mum, bound for the pet shop, to find a new home and a ‘two feet’ to take care of her. She finds herself being her pointed at and ridiculed for her appearance and overlooked by the ‘two feet’ buying pets. Will she find her own ‘two feet’ and get the home she dreams of?


Parsley Pig Gets New Friends  front cover book2 small

Parsley Pig Gets New Friends is the second book in the series. In this book we find Parsley and Daisy settled into their new home. After learning about the plight of many other mistreated and abandoned animals needing new homes they try to persuade their ‘two feet’ to adopt some more piggies. Will Mummy Two Feet agree to their request and who will come to live with Parsley and Daisy?


Oliver Bunny Cofront cover book3 smallmes to Stay 

Oliver Bunny Comes to Stay is the third book in the series. Parsley has heard some terrible things about the habits of rabbits and is less than impressed at the prospect of Oliver Bunny coming to visit them. Will she change her mind when she meets him and how will she react at the prospect of him staying while James Nicholas goes on holiday?


Pip Pig Needs an Operation front cover book4 small

Pip Pig Needs an Operation is the fourth book in the series. Pip Pig is a shy and timid pig who’s best friends with Rhubarb. When she gets a tummy ache she must visit the vet, Mr. Sandy, to find out what’s causing the problem. Unfortunately Pip discovers she has to have an operation and is very scared indeed. Rhubarb, the other piggies and Oliver Bunny rally round to do everything they can to make her feel better.


Jingle Pigs front cover book5 small

Jingle Pigs is the fifth book in the series. Parsley is alarmed to find her beautiful garden has been covered by a blanket of cold, white snow. She also learns about the impending visit from Father Christmas and the piggies and Oliver Bunny write their wish list to him. Will the piggies get the presents they’ve asked for?


Periwinkle and the Poisonous Plant PATPPsmall

Periwinkle and the Poisonous Plant is the sixth book in the series. Periwinkle is a very mischievous piggy who’s always nibbling on things she’s not supposed to. But can Mummy Two Feet make her feel better when she nibbles on a plant that makes her very sick indeed?