There are many characters to meet in The Adventures of Parsley Pig, mostly guinea pigs, but also their friends. Here’s some more information about them:

  • Parsley Pig


Parsley Pig is the main character in the Adventures of Parsley Pig and Friends stories. She is a pink-eyed white and has a swirl right on the top of her head.She loves being the boss, eating carrots and of course parsley, and running around outside in the sunshine. She hates banana!

Meet Parsley as she starts her adventures in ‘Parsley Pig Finds a Home’.



  • Daisy


Daisy is Parsley Pigs best friend and came to live at Mummy Two  Feet’s house at the same time as Parsley. Daisy is a very lazy pig who loves all types of veggies, but prefers to have all her meals in bed. She hates getting up early!

Meet Daisy Pig in ‘Parsley Pig Finds a Home’ and follow her adventures with Parsley Pig in the other books in the series.



  • Bramble, Rhubarb and Nutmeg

img207smallThese three piggies were Mummy Two Feet’s first rescue pigs. They were bought as a children’s pets from a pet store, but the girl soon got bored with them and stopped taking care of them. They made lots of friends at Mummy Two Feet’s House and learned they liked lots of different types of veggies.

Bramble likes to squeak very loudly when she’s hungry! Rhubarb became very best friends with Pip. Nutmeg loves to play hide and seek, but she often falls asleep while hiding!

Find out how Bramble, Rhubarb and Nutmeg came to stay at Mummy Two Feet’s house in ‘Parsley Pig Gets New Friends’.



Noodle and Teasel

img303 small

Noodle and Teasel are two sisters with crazy looking hair. Noodle is a very gullible piggy and will believe anything the other piggies tell her.  She really hates bath time and having her hair cut.

Teasel will follow Noodle anywhere, which is sometimes not the sensible thing to do. Teasel on the other hand loves having a bath and a brush but her favorite pastime is snoozing under a big pile of hay.

Meet Noodle and Teasel in ‘Oliver Bunny Comes to Stay’ and find out if Noodle gets to meet Father Christmas in ‘Jingle Pigs’.


  • Pip


Pip Pig is an all black piggy. She was very small and shy when she came to stay at Mummy Two Feet’s house. She became best friends with Rhubarb and she loves to listen to Rhubarbs stories. Pip loves eating cucumber and apple snacks.  

Find out about Pip’s visit to the vet’s in ‘Pip Pig Needs an Operation’.


  • Oliver Bunny

img306smallOliver Bunny belongs to James Nicholas Two Feet, but lives with Parsley and the other piggies at Mummy Two Feet’s house. He’s a very laid back bunny and doesn’t really mind that the piggies call him Mr. Ploppy!

Oliver Bunny loves taking long naps in the sunshine. He hates tomatoes and bananas!

Meet Oliver Bunny in ‘Oliver Bunny Comes to Stay’ and find out what he gets up to with Parsley and her friends in ‘Pip Pig Needs an Operation’ and ‘Jingle Pigs’.


  • Periwinkle


Periwinkle is a very mischievous piggy who’s not very good at 
listening to advice! She likes playing hide and seek, but gets bored very quickly. She loves eating carrots.

Meet Periwinkle in ‘Periwinkle and the Poisonous Plant’ and find out if she listens to Parsley’s advice after all.





Meet the other characters, including Pumpkin and Dill, Ginger, Rocket and Fudge, Peppermint, Popcorn and more…..