Guinea Pig Products

So, you Two Feet want to buy super products for your Very Important Piggies, to keep them healthy and happy?

Why not check out these stores?

“One-stop shopping for (almost) all of your guinea pig needs!”

This Little Piggie Market Place is a pro-rescue shop that has been proudly serving guinea pigs and their humans since 2006. Created by and for guinea pig lovers, we are an affiliate. All of the items we offer through our site have been carefully selected and are cavy-slave approved!

A portion of the proceeds from TLP go towards guinea pig rescue

Check out the Guinea Pig Market for products that are designed and created by a top-notch group of folks who work together to bring you a great selection of high-quality products for the comfort and utility of your cute guinea pigs!

Gorgeous Guineas

 Gorgeous Guineas HQ – home to the world’s first and only range of Aromatherapy skincare products designed especially for guinea pigs. Providing simple skincare solutions for guinea pig skin problems since 2003.

We can help you by:

  • enabling you to understand and identify potential skin problems
  • showing you pigtures of common skin problems
  • providing product recommendations for specific issues
  • supplying a wide range of products to help your guinea’s skin, including trial sizes for you to test-drive
  • giving you top-tips to help prevent skin problems in the first place
  • offering free advice by email or phone
  • taking online order 365 days a year and posting them out quickly

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