Bath time??

bath time

No matter what you might have seen, heard or been told, guinea pigs do not enjoy swimming. Please, please do not force your guinea pig to swim. It is dangerous and potentially lethal.

Please pass the message on.

Wheeps and squeaks from Parsley Pig xx


My Colouring and Activity Book is OUT NOW!!

out now copy

Hey, Two Feet!

Just to let you know that Parsley Pig’s Colouring and Activity Book is now available! Copies are available through Amazon wherever you are in the world –

Copies will also be available real soon from The Guinea Pig Store (Canada) – – with profits from book sales going to ‘Piggles Guinea Pig Rescue’ – how wheeking great is that!!

Hope you have fun with it, Two Feet.

Wheeks and Squeaks from Parsley Pig xx

Hey There, Two Feet,

My Two Feet was asked to draw this picture for a rescue campaign in Australia but its message applies worldwide. Please take a minute to read the information and PLEASE sign ‘Miranda’s Law’ petition.

Surrender to a RescueMiranda’s Law

‘Rescue shelters are always being alerted to guinea pigs that have been abandoned – in boxes, in the bush, left in backyards or empty properties. Guinea pigs are prey animals and they absolutely cannot survive on their own! Please, if you can no longer care for your piggies, contact a rescue who will find them a new home. Dumping animals is both inhumane and illegal.

If you haven’t already, please take a minute to sign our petition to give guinea pigs a louder voice, and help us to further protect them from cruelty.

Thank You, Two Feet. Wheeks and squeaks from Parsley Pig xx