Monthly Archives: February 2014

Amazon Sale

Hi Folks,

I just wanted to let you know that ALL the story books in the series ‘The Adventures of Parsley Pig and Friends’ are currently on sale at reduced prices on Some of them are also on sale at reduced prices at, too.Who knows how long this sale will last (not me, that’s for sure) so if you’re thinking of buying them, now is the time!!

Never fear though, my Two Feet still gets the same royalties, so she’ll still be able to pass some of the profits on to rescues 🙂

Happy reading x


Raising money for North East Guinea Pig Rescue

Darlington Vet Clinic is now stocking the care guide, Taking Care of Your Very Important Pig, with 100% of the profits from sales going directly to North East Guinea Pig Rescue!! Find Darlington Vet clinic on facebook at

Don’t forget the care guide is also available through Amazon (where ever you are in the world!) in both paperback and for Kindle. A percentage of the profits of books sold through Amazon will also be donated to rescues too!

Remember, you can now follow what Parsley Pig and her friends are up to on facebook at, too.